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#WizardWorld Nashville – The Joy of Artist’s Alley, Panels, and Cosplay

Groot and Starlord

Wizard World Comic Con may be a fantastic place to see exclusive panels of your favorite actors, artists, and writers but one of the most enjoyable parts of the three day event was strolling through artist’s alley. There were hundreds of artists, creators, and exhibitors.

Whether you want art print, jewelry, vintage toys, collectibles, t-shirts, games, or really anything else you could possibly think of involving pop culture, the artist’s alley had you covered. We spent several, SEVERAL hours walking around the exhibitors hall with all the exhibitors and artists before we even got to the panels. Thank goodness Wizard World was three days long.

When it comes to the panels, here are some words of advice. Get to the con EARLY. Traffic is unpredictable and you don’t want that to be the reason you miss the first panel of the morning. Trust me. Also, it should be noted that the panels overlap in the schedule. Therefore, if there are a ton of different ones you want to see in one day, plan you day in advance and very, very carefully. There were two panels we missed because they overlapped others and we didn’t plan well enough in advance to get to them in time. That being said, we had the BEST time at some of the different ones we attended. William Shatner gave an honest, funny, and endearing panel on Saturday while Michael Rooker (“The Walking Dead”) gave one of the most hilarious and entertaining Q & A’s later that evening. If you tend to desire something a little more informative, some of the comic book artists also did panels where they gave advice and lessons.

Outside of the panels of amazing actors and artists, we spent a lot of our time perusing the artist’s alley. Unfortunately for me (though I would do it all over again if I could) several of the artists got lots of my money. LOTS. It was so difficult to walk around so many talented people without being able to buy something from all of them. So, I compromised and bought things from just a few people who I absolutely loved. You can see the prints I purchased below:

Andrew Heath Design:

Tee Turtle:

Drew Blank:

I Can Draw – Erihii (Eric) Nyamor:

There were hundreds of INCREDIBLE costumes and dedicated fans all three days of the event. You can see our  gallery of some of the impressive people who came out to show their spirit and love for all things pop culture and comics below as well as images from the panels and some of the booths!

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