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Samsung Unveils New VR Headset

Gear VR

Samsung is getting into the virtual reality game. The company has announced their take on a VR headset called Gear VR and even better, it is powered by Oculus (the company that is pioneering us into a virtual reality age.)

The Gear VR is being powered by the Galaxy Note 4 and it is completely wireless. The Galaxy Note 4 will snap into the front of the device, in front of 3D dual lenses. It will also have a back button, touch pad, and volume controls on the surface of the headset. The device comes pre-loaded with 360 degree videos and 3D movie trailers from several studios.

The most exciting part of Samsung’s announcement is the fact that the device will be available this fall. However, no actual release date or price have been revealed. The initial release of the Gear VR will be the Innovator Edition, an early access, beta version designed for developers and fans interested in trying it before it becomes a final consumer product.

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