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Student’s Senior Photo With Cat Will Not Be Allowed – Everyone is Pissed


I know, we all really wanted this to happen. The teen who petitioned to have the above picture run as his senior photo in his yearbook will unfortunately not be sharing his assigned spot with his cat.

Draven Rodriguez reportedly ended up “compromising” with the principle and school district about the photo and they have come to an “agreement.” Groan.

School principal Diane Wilkinson told the Times Union,

“We reached a compromise that everybody’s happy about.”

School district spokeswoman Karen Corona added,

“It was the principal’s idea, she went to the student with it, and he loved it. We wanted to make sure that Draven knows that we appreciate his creativity and energy around this, and we wanted to do something out of the ordinary with it.”

It seems that a new photo will run on the principal’s page in the yearbook and accompanying the new photo will be a message “advocating animal rescue and adoption.” Also we, the internet, are supposed to be appeased by the fact that the new photo will be done by the same photographer as the cat photo with lasers and everything.

Pfft. We want cats.


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