Tom Hiddleston Performs Music by Hank Williams

By on September 12, 2014


Tom Hiddleston, also known as the internet’s other boyfriend and the Thor’s annoying little brother, recently took to the stage and covered songs from the iconic American country/folk musician Hank Williams. And it was THE BEST.

Hiddleston has signed on to portray the singer in an upcoming biopic titled I Saw the Light and now he has proven he has what it takes to play the beloved folk musician.

The British actor surpriused fans at Michigan’s Wheatland Music Festival and performed an impromptu cover of Hank Williams’ “Move It On Over.” He returned again on Sunday, joining Rodney Crowell in a duet of Williams’ “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry.”

You can watch a video of the performance below:

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