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Wolverine To Die in Marvel’s New Series


It is time to say goodbye to Wolverine, possibly for good this time. Marvel has announced the death of their beloved character with the upcoming comic book release, Marvel’s “Death of Wolverine” as confirmed by writer Charles Soule.

installments of the series have already begun but the finale will occur September 24 and that will see the end of the long-lived character. Despite the title of the series giving away the ending, Soule says that isn’t really the point of this series.

“It’s really the manner of his death that matters.”

If you don’t know much about Wolverine, he has been pretty much unkillable since he was created in 1974 (a lot has to do with his super healing ability but also mega popularity with fans.) Because his mutant ability renders him super quick to heal, Soule says the series will first have to strip him of that which makes him special.

After Wolverine’s death, there will be several spinoff’s that will release this fall. The release’s will follow the effects of his death on the other characters in the world around him. However, fans wonder whether this “death” is only temporary has most other superhero deaths have been in the past.

Soule claims that this is not the case for Wolverine and that “It’s a death that’s designed to stick.”

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