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Eli Roth Confirms Cabin Fever Remake With Same Script


A remake of the horror film, Cabin Fever is in the works from Armory Films, Cassian Elwes and Contend. The remake is a planned reshot of the 2002 original film from Eli Roth and Randy Pearlstein. Roth will return as an executive producer for the remake.

Cabin Fever follows in Eli Roth’s original footsteps when a group of college students who rent a cabin in the woods to do some partying, begin to fall victim to a flesh-eating virus and all hell breaks loose. It will be using the exact same script as well.

The new Cabin Fever will star Gage Golightly (“Teen Wolf”), Dustin Ingram (Paranormal Activity 3), Samuel Davis (“From Dusk Till Dawn”), Matthew Daddario (Delivery Man) and Nadine Crocker (Deadgirl). The film has already begun shooting principal photography in Portland, Oregon.

Travis Zariwny is directing the remake while Armory and Pelican Point Media is financing the project. It is being produced by Contend’s Evan Astrowsky, (who also produced the original film with Roth) and Armory Films’ Chris Lemole and Tim Zajaros.

Roth commented on the remake,

“Travis had an amazing vision for my original script, and as a scary movie fan I really wanted to see it. I almost see this like re-staging a play, and I’m excited to see what ideas Travis and the cast bring to it. They’re all fans of the original and want to make a film that’s a new classic and I believe they will.”

There is no word yet on when the remake will release and whether it will actually release in theaters or if it will be a straight to VOD type of situation.

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