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First Trailer for “Tomorrowland” Revealed


New York Comic Con is always a guarantee to give us new trailers ever year and not to disappoint, this week we got the first trailer for the upcoming science fiction film, Tomorrowland. 

Tomorrowland is loosely based on the retro-futuristic attraction of the same name in Disney’s theme parks. The movie asks us to “imagine a place where nothing is impossible.”

In the two-minute trailer we see a character named Casey Newton played by Britt Robertson. She encounters a pin with mysterious powers while collecting her belongings from a juvenile detention center. There isn’t much revealed of the rest of the plot but more details are expected to come to light as more teasers release. But it still looks AMAZING.

The film comes from director Brad Bird. It stars George Clooney, Britt Robertson, Hugh Laurie and Keegan Michael Key, and others.

Tomorrowland is slated for release May 22, 2015. Watch the trailer below!

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