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“The Purge” Franchise Getting Third Film


The annual purge is occurring once again. Universal, Blumhouse, and Platinum Dunes have announced their plans to release a third installment in The Purge franchise.

The films are set in world where for 12 hours all criminal acts are legal. The first film originally released in theaters in May 2013 and starred Ethan Hawke. It earned an impressive $91.2 million worldwide. The follow-up, The Purge: Anarchy released in theaters in July 2014 and starred Frank Grillo, It earned $109.3 million worldwide.

Plans for a third film is definitely not surprising considering how well the franchise has done so far. The Purge and The Purge: Anarchy did very well in the box office. The franchise has so far cumulatively made about $200 million. Both films has a combined budget of about $12 million.

The third film will be written by James DeMonaco who wrote and directed the first two films. He may also direct but this has not been confirmed. Sebastien Lemercier, Jason Blum, Michael Bay, Brad Fuller and Andrew Form will return to produce.

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