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Idris Elba’s Original “Luther” Returning for 2015 Miniseries


Earlier this week, Fox announced plans to create an American remake of BBC’s “Luther.” However, to tie things up before the remake begins, BBC America announced today that Idris Elba and the original “Luther” would be returning for a miniseries in 2015.

Elba is already signed on to return as DCI John Luther, the obsessive, possessed, and almost always dangerous police detective.

Series creator Neil Cross said,

“Ever since we said goodbye to John Luther on Southwark Bridge, there’s hardly been a minute when I didn’t wonder what happened next. So I decided to find out. We’re putting the band back together; Luther is coming back where he belongs. Back to the BBC. Back to London. And back to work.”

“Luther” the miniseries fourth season will return in two episodes sometime in 2015.

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