Stephen Colbert Gets Political Power Comic Book

By on November 19, 2014


Political pundit, comedian, and author, Stephen Colbert, is heading to a comic book. The latest issue of “Political Power” from Bluewater Productions will focus on the beloved celebrity and television host.

The new issue is 22 pages and was written by Hal Hilden and features art by Kelly Brine.

“Political Power” explores events that shaped the personalities it covers and tells the stories behind the rise of politicians. Past issues of Political Power feature politicians and personalities such as Bill Clinton, Jon Stewart, George W. Bush, Nelson Mandela and Ted Kennedy.

Brine commented on the issue,

“Stephen Colbert’s brand of satire and interviews have entertained and enlightened my family and me for a decade. These drawings are my thank you for the smiles and laughter given to us by our favorite Renaissance man.”

Hilden added,

“My goal was to write a fun little biography, mixing fact with fiction, that hopefully one of Stephen Colbert’s many personas would enjoy reading.”

Political Power: Stephen Colbert is available now.

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