Apple Patents an Analogue Stick Home Button

By on January 21, 2015


Apple has officially filed a patent on turning their iconic home button into an analogue stick as well. Could this mean the mobile industry is making a push towards making gaming more acceptable (and more importantly easier on the platform?)

The design, as you can see above, integrates the analogue stick with the home button by popping the button out of the frame slightly. The design seems very similar to that used on the PSP and Nintendo 3DS. The small analogue stick gives you 360 degree movement allowing greater ease for gaming and probably other activities.

The patent was released by Forbes last week. However, there is no word on whether Apple is actually moving forward with this plan or if they have it on a back burner instead.

If you have ever tried to play a game on your iPhone that is any more difficult than “Tetris” or “Doodle God”         you understand how amazing it would be to have the analogue stick. RPGs would be actually fun to play rather than frustrating.

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