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This Island Has Too Many Cats So Please Take Some Maybe?


The Tonawanda Island has the cutest infestation possible. The 85 acre island in the Niagra River is being taken over by feral and abandoned cats.

Tonawanda resident Wayne Howard explained, “They’re just everywhere. People drop them off. I’ve caught people dumping them on the road; they just unload them on the island.”

Yes it’s cute and cuddly but now there are more cats than people and the cats are getting into people’s boats like a cattier version of Jurassic Park. 

Where the cats are headed isn’t known but it is likely that they are headed anywhere that as a more active food source since they have captured the tiny Tonawanda Island.

Residents of the island don’t really care where they are headed and are more happy they seem to be migrating. Danielle Coogan, one of the residents of the island who is actively attempting to get rid of the cats, has started a task force to capture the cats. Reportedly she captures upwards of 10 cats in 10 days in her “Operation Island Cats” sting. All the cats she captures gets spayed or neutered to prevent any more cats from becoming cats on the island.

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