Amazon Prime Dropping BBC Programming

By on February 3, 2015


On February 15, Amazon Prime will be removing “Doctor Who” and all other BBC Programming from the streaming service. The move comes as the service is making a push to bring more exclusive content to viewers.

Amazon is removing the programming because BBC shows are already available on other streaming services such as Netflix. Now, Amazon is hoping to focus more on bringing and creating content that isn’t available anywhere else. Therefore, when the licensing agreement between Amazon Prime and BBC expires in on the 15, there will be no renewal.

The current commitment to creating exclusive content is already seeing an influx for the service as Prime membership grew last year by roughly 53 percent. Currently, Amazon is the exclusive home for “Hannibal,” “24,” “The Americans,” and “Justified.” It also closed an exclusive deal to stream the BBC’s” Orphan Black,” which will remain on the service.

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