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Neill Blomkamp’s Alien Movie Is Finally Happening!


Neill Blomkamp is ready to take on one of the most iconic science fiction/horror franchise out there by continuing “Alien” with a new film. And fans are pretty excited. The director announced last week that the movie is officially moving forward and is set to begin production with Fox Studios producing.

Blomkamp is most known for the critically acclaimed low budget science fiction film District 9 that blew audiences away. His newest film, Chappie has also been well received and Blomkamp remains a respected director of the genre. While working on Chappie, he revealed that a film to continue the “Alien” franchise was a side project and he wasn’t sure it would get much traction. However, it was received with much enthusiasm from the studio and fans.

The new film will intertwine with the “Prometheus” film series with this film taking place narratively after the events of Prometheus 2 which is still in the works. Prometheus 2 continues the exploration into the existence of humanity and the alien colony known as the Engineers. It hasn’t been revealed yet how Blomkamp’s film will fit into the exact timeline of all the “Alien” films and “Prometheus” films.

There are also questions wondering if Sigourney Weaver will reprise her role as Ellen Ripley in this film. Blomkamp has said that he would like the character to return and that she was his inspiration for the movie. Weaver has also been on record as saying she would return to the series if the story was handled properly. However, neither party has confirmed that she will return.

Several reports are also saying that Ridley Scott, the man who directed the first film, Alien in 1979, is set to co-produce this next installment under his Scott Free Productions.

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