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“Inside A Silver Box” by Walter Mosley – Exclusive Giveaway

Silver Box Cover

Walter Mosley, the New York Times bestselling author, has released a brand new novel titled “Inside a Silver Box.” The book hit shelves on January 27, 2015 as it probes into the cosmic questions so expertly and entertainingly discussed in Mosely’s Crosstown to Oblivion series.

In the novel, two people brought together through a horrific rape and murder find themselves united and working together with the Silver Box for a common cause—to protect Earth from destruction by the Laz, an alien race that created and Silver Box and are now willing to do anything to get it back.  However, the Silver Box is the most powerful entity in the universe and it will do anything to prevent its former master from returning, even if it means destroying the Earth before the Lax can.

This well written and imaginative novel transcends the category of genre.  Through this unique perspective, Mosely explores existential issues that apply not only to disempowered black men but also to every reader.

Mosley has written more than thirty-four critically acclaimed books and is one of the most versatile and admired authors in the United States today.  In addition to his novels and his short fiction that has been widely published, his nonfiction has appeared in such prestigious publications as The New York Times Magazine and The Nation.  Mosely has won numerous awards including an O. Henry Award, a Grammy, and PEN American Center’s Lifetime Achievement Award.

In honor of the giveaway you can read an exclusive excerpt from Inside a Silver Box.

What You Get:

One winner will receive a free copy of the novel, “Inside a Silver Box” written by Walter Mosley.

How to Enter: 

Send an email with your name to with the subject line Inside a Silver Box to enter! The winner will be contacted on March March 23.

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