Kevin Smith Hints at a Possible Mallrats Sequel

By on March 26, 2015


While we are still waiting for Clerks III, Kevin Smith has possibly revealed that there is a possibility that there will also be a sequel to another one of his beloved films: Mallrats. 

The news about a possible Mallrats sequel came from Twitter and Facebook when Smith posted a slightly cryptic update:

“Saw some websites are reporting Clerks III will be my last flick. I did say this at one point, but Tusk changed all that. Now, the next two years are booked. We shoot Clerks III in May. The Hit Somebody hockey miniseries finally follows in the fall, shooting September to Christmas 2015. Then in Feb/March 2016, we tackle Moose Jaws and Anti-Claus. And after that? I smell a rat…”

Granted, the suspicion could be way off base, but fans remain hopeful.

Despite saying he would retire after completing Clerks III, that doesn’t seem to be the plan considering he also has trio of horror films in the process beginning with last year’s Tusk and will continue with the filming of Yoga Hosers on June 1 and be followed by Moose Jaws sometime later. It was also announced that Smith is planning to do another comedy/horror film called Anti-Clause. 

The screenplay for Clerks III was revealed several months ago and is reported to begin filming sometime this May.

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