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Fox Remaking The Rocky Horror Picture Show as a TV Movie


For a reason I can only assume has to do with money, Fox has announced plans to remake “The Rocky Horror Picture Show” has a two hour television special event.

RHPS was originally released in 1975. Since then, the film has become an icon in films and musicals. Midnight viewings for the film can be found in almost any major U.S. city with audiences often showing up in full drag or wearing nothing but underwear in celebration of some of the most recognized characters. It is widely celebrated in LGBTQ filmmaking as well.

The rebooted RHPS will be directed by Kenny Ortega of Xanadu and High School Musical fame. Ortega will also be in charge of the new dance moves that accompany many of the classic numbers from the original film.

While most of us don’t want to make a new remake, we can solace in the fact that the remake won’t be aired live like the recent stage version of “Peter Pan.”

Casting will begin very shortly to fill in the roles of Dr. Frank N. Furter, Janet Weiss, Brad Majors and the rest of the cast.

The current working title is The Rocky Horror Picture Show Event. At the moment, there is no anticipated release date.

More news is expected to be released over the next few months.

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