Spotify Playlist Compiles Almost Every Song Ever Used in a Wes Anderson Film

By on April 9, 2015


Wes Anderson is more than just a prolific director who can do no wrong when it comes to making movies. He also meticulous and excellent at creating the music that accompanies his films. To honor his masterful collection of music of the last two decades, Spotify has compiled all those soundtracks and songs into one master playlist.

The playlist is aptly titled “From Bottle Rocket to Grand Budapest Hotel.” It follows exactly that, taking all the music from the director’s first movie Bottle Rocket to his most recent film The Grand Budapest Hotel. The creator of the playlist is Michael Park and must have put a lot of time in to it. The entirety of the playlist is 152 songs—a total duration of seven hours and 20 minutes. It includes artists like Elliott Smith, The Rolling Stones, David Bowie and Bob Dylan.

Unfortunately the playlist does not include every last song from all the films. It is missing Mark Mothersbaugh’s pieces and Satyajit Ray’s songs from The Darjeeling Limited.

You can listen to the “From Bottle Rocket to Grand Budapest Hotel” playlist below.

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