Polaroid Reveals Tiny Printer for Your Smartphone Photos

By on May 4, 2015


Polaroid isn’t being completely left behind in the new age of digital smartphones and DSLR’s. The company has revealed a new printer for your smartphone photos and even better it fits right in your pocket. The Zip Instant Photoprinter is just what you need and like the Polaroid camera of yore it is instant and it is hip.

Using the new photo printer, all you have to do is connect via Bluetooth, load in the specialty paper, and print — no ink cartridge required. Check it out here on Photojojo!

Seriously, the fact that there is no ink cartridge is the best part. I can’t express that enough. Plus when you take those group selfies at the park (or wherever people take them these days) you can print them out and give them to everyone involved!


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