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“The Craft” Being Remade… For Some Reason


Why mess with a good thing? The Craft is 90’s movie perfect and for some reason the studios have decided it needs to be remade. The 1996 supernatural teen movie about witches featured the female-led cast of Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, and one deranged Fairuza Balk. It is pretty amazing.

The original film follows four Catholic school girls who are novice witches. Together, they start a coven bonded by their newfound supernatural abilities. One of these members (Tunney) is a natural witch that just moved Los Angeles and desperately tries to fit in with the clique of misfits. But when the rest of the group begins experiencing the consequences of their powers, it’s up to the new girl to stop the darkness from taking over.

If set in present day we can assume it will be heavily laden with catty girl fights over text message about spells gone awry.

The remake of The Craft is being done though Sony Pictures. The studio has hired Leigh Janiak to direct and co-write the film alongside her writing partner Phil Graziadei. Janice is most known for horror film released last year, Honeymoon, that starred “Game of Thrones” star Rosie Leslie in the leading role as an edgy, dark female lead possessed by the powers of an alien force during her honeymoon retreat with her new husband.

Honestly, no one can replace Balk and her performance as a crazed woman in The Craft. There is no word yet on actors who might play the lead roles or an anticipated release date. Production has not yet begun.

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