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Watch Bill Murray Get Stranded in Rock the Kasbah Trailer


Bill Murray can do no wrong as evident by his latest film, Rock the Kasbah.

In the movie, Murray brings his only remaining client to perform in front of “2,000 horny soldier” of which she doesn’t respond to well. She abandons him in the middle of the night and steals his wallet and his passport. Murray must figure out a way to get out of Afghanistan. He soon finds a Plan B by way of  a brilliant young singer (Leem Lubany) with big pipes and bigger dreams. She wants to sing. He wants to manage. The two make a plan to compete of the singing competition show, “Afghan Star.”

The film looks not only hilarious but heart warming – a Bill Murray tradition. It also has a great cast that includes along with the main leads, Bruce Willis, Kate Hudson and Danny McBride.

Rock the Kasbah hits theaters Oct. 23.

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