Alan Tudyk Has Faith in Firefly Revival

By on July 14, 2015


There is pretty much only one thing “Firefly” fans want: the show’s return. And one star from the popular show agrees and has faith that it could still happen.

During a panel at San Diego Comic Con, Alan Tudyk said, “personally, I think it will come back.”

Unfortunately, Tudyk’s opinion and desire doesn’t mean the show will come back. Series creator, Joss Whedon has said several times in the past that “Firefly” will not be returning. At the tenth anniversary celebration of the show, Whedon said the show was at the point where it shouldn’t be messed with anymore.

“Firefly” is one of the most often brought up shows when talking about series that were cancelled too soon. FOX cancelled the show after just one season back in 2002. It was able to get a film, Serenity, in order to wrap up some loose ends but fans yearn for more.


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