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Key & Peele Ending With This Season

In a bit of sad news for a good reason, the Comedy Central series “Key & Peele” will be ending with this season. The show’s stars and writers Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele revealed the news to The Wrap earlier today.

The duo told the outlet,

“This is our final season. and it’s not because of Comedy Central, it’s us. It was just time for us to explore other things, together and apart. I compare it to Gene Wilder and Richard Pryor. We might make a movie and then do our own thing for three years and then come back and do another movie… There will be Key & Peele productions coming up. We’re doing the reboot of ‘Police Academy,’ and there’s a TV show in the works that me might do for Comedy Central. There’s lots of stuff we have cooking up.”

“Key & Peele” is currently in its fifth season but both stars have only gotten busier and more in demand since the show first started. They are working on an upcoming New Line comedy film titled Keanu which is also set to star  Gabrielle Union, Will Forte and Method Man. The film follows Key and Peele as two friends who, in an an attempt to rescue a kidnapped kitten (presumably named after the John Wick star). They decide to pose as a pair of gangsters but their charade attracts the attention of a murderous drug lord (Method Man).

On top of that, Paramount Pictures also has a Substitute Teacher movie on the way, based on Key’s “Key & Peele” sketch character Mr. Garvey, an inner-city substitute who doesn’t quite fit in when he’s assigned to teach a room full of middle-class white students.

“Key & Peele” is concluding after this season and there are about 8 episodes left.

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