Ryan Adams is Covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 In Full

By on August 7, 2015


Apparently Ryan Adams is a huge Taylor Swift fan. Adams announced today on Twitter than he is planning to cover Swift’s recent album, 1989, in its entirety. Adams has already recorded renditions of the insanely popular album’s first three tracks: “Welcome to New York,” “Blank Space” and “Style.”

You may not recognize the Swift songs when put through Adam’s style but they have already been approved by Swift.


Adams responded adorably as well and Swift can’t hold in her excitement (not that anyone can blame her right?)


Adams later shared a clip from his take on “Welcome to New York,” 1989’s opening track stating:

“Guaranteed saddest version of Welcome to New York ever – or your tears back,” Here’s a clip:


Follow Adams on Twitter to keep up with his 1989 covers. No word yet on when the covers will all be released but when it does I will for sure download that collection.

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