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Nashville Film Festival: 2016 Screenwriting Competition Awards - Social Focused

Nashville Film Festival: 2016 Screenwriting Competition Awards

By on April 22, 2016


As the 2016 Nashville Film Festival continues to impress with their outstanding short films, feature films, and etc., the competition has announced the 2016 Screenwriting Competition Awards Winners.

The 47 award recipients were selected from over 1,500 submissions.

Grand Prize Winner – Feature

Ben Watts

Grand Prize Winner – Short

Sundae Jahant-Osborn

Feature Categories

Drama Feature

  • Winner: When The Devil’s Loose – Ben Watts
  • Runner-Up: Sand Devils – Tom Khazoyan

Comedy Feature

  • Winner: Steve – Maryanne Melloan Woods
  • Runner-Up: Lothario – Robert Remy

Tennessee Feature

  • Winner: The Sound of the Sword – Ryan Estabrooks & Amber Bartlett
  • Runner-Up: The Sympathetic Drive – Jay Wright

Action/Adventure Feature

  • Winner: Ranger Creed – Travis Opgenorth
  • Runner-Up: The Drome – Hunter Davis

Family/Animation Feature

  • Winner: TREEFORT – Rich Dalmas
  • Runner-Up: Patchwork – Amanda Keener

Historical Feature

  • Winner: Klondike Kate – Steve Warren
  • Runner-Up: Silence in Berlin – Matthew Wolff

Inspirational Feature

  • Winner: BRONZE – Kerri Weston & Robert Pawloski
  • Runner-Up: Mia and the Moviestar – Sheri Davenport

Music-Inspired Feature

  • Winner: Looking for Nirvana – Ian Simpson
  • Runner-Up: The Minstrel – Todd Sorrell

Science-Fiction Feature

  • Winner: The Southerland School – Wade Wofford
  • Runner-Up: Lock Eyes – Bodine Boling

Thriller/Horror Feature

  • Winner: Guilty – Alan Thornburg
  • Runner-Up: Dead (Re) Tired – Trace Crawford

TV Pilot Categories

60 Minute Pilot

  • Winner: AT RISK – Kristin Goodman
  • Runner-Up: Southern Gothic – Mickey Blaine

30 Minute Pilot

  • Winner: Downeasters – Mike Makowsky
  • Runner-Up: Dog Days of Summer – Christine Michele Jones

Shorts Categories

Drama Short

  • Winner: Smile – Sarah Phillips
  • Runner-Up: The Elevator Most Belonging to Alice – Bill Sarre

Comedy Short

  • Winner: A Briefs Encounter – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
  • Runner-Up: Woundscape – Shelby Kern

Tennessee Short

  • Winner: The Good Mother – Marci Badman
  • Runner-Up: Together, Alone – Bob Lawler

Action/Adventure Short

  • Winner: Welcome Back – Elizabeth Hagale

Family/Animation Short

  • Winner: Fridge Mates – Nichole Kanney
  • Runner-Up: Rubber Soul – Joey Perotti

Historical Short

  • Winner: US Navy Cine-Kodak – Stephen Hunt
  • Runner-Up: SENTRY DUTY – Clyde Bennett

Inspirational Short

  • Winner: A Difference of 25¢ – Sundae Jahant-Osborn
  • Runner-Up: Mia – Sheri Davenport

Music-Inspired Short

  • Winner: Just Can’t Wait to Be King – Brett Edwards
  • Runner-Up: He Is My Music – Vicki Bartholomew

Science-Fiction Short

  • Winner: Glitch – Andrew Jordan
  • Runner-Up: The Tesla Files – Alan Wartes

Thriller/Horror Short

  • Winner: Glitch – Anthony Cawood
  • Runner-Up: Vacuum – Anastasiya Mirzoev

Young Screenwriter Short

  • Winner: Dinner at Calypso – Onyekachi Iwu
  • Runner-Up: Racing the Sunrise – Amy Russo

About Darth Sarah

Sarah is a journalist and an artist who lives in the city. She loves movies and television. She reads early and often. She also secretly hopes the Doctor will come and take her away, though she realizes he probably already has a dedicated companion at the moment. Sarah also helps out over at BSCkids.com, Optionated.com and our other sites!