Jon Stewart Will Return to TV With Animated HBO Show This Fall


Jon Stewart may be super cynical after years on “The Daily Show” watching the world crumble but he is coming back to television! Sort of!

This fall, Stewart returns but this time to HBO and in an animation deal. HBO Program Director Casey Bloys confirmed the deal and explained the show’s unique format in a recent press conference during a recent Television Critics Association (TCA) gathering.

While he did not confirm a release date, he did say maybe September or October.

“He is establishing an animation studio. He wants to get material out on a daily basis. The idea is that it’s an animated parody of a cable news network in an Onion-like portal,” said Bloys. “It will be his voice, in his actual voice, and his tone.”

According to the reports about the show that released last year, these shorts will arrive on HBO GO and NOW throughout the day. Stewart’s program will also feature a companion written component as well. Once this and the shorts take off, fans can expect a half-hour traditional show on the network.