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Netflix Making Legend of Zelda TV Series


The biggest piece of news to come out of last week in terms of entertainment was that Netflix is reportedly developing a live-action television series based on the iconic game series, “The Legend of Zelda.” According to The Wall Street Journal, who first reported the news, the series is being described as “Game of Thrones” for a family audience.

WSJ report that the streaming service has begun the search for a writer for the project however the series has to tread carefully given Nintendo’s strict protection of adaptations of their properties.

The television series would have much source material to draw from. Since the first game released in 1986, “The Legend of Zelda” franchise has released over twenty games while remaining one of the most beloved game series in the world.

Fans remain scared, excited, and weary as an animated series based on the game was famously produced in 1989 and was famously not great.

With Netflix involved, it adds more clout to the adaptation. Netflix has done well recently giving us quality original programming such as “House of Cards” and “Orange is the New Black.”

More details regarding the project will be released over the next few months but the live action adaptation is still in the very early stages of development.

Nintendo Releasing New Zelda Game on 3DS?


Legendary game creator Shigero Miyamoto, has been hinting at releasing another installment in the “Legend of Zelda” game franchise at a recent shareholders meeting.

During a Q&A session with investors, Miyamoto mentioned that Nintendo has plans to “evolve the series” after reaching the halfway point with the recent release “The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.” Miyamoto also apparently has some secret ideas for another entry in the series. I am not surprised.

“… We are gradually changing the structure of The Legend of Zelda series, and we are preparing to newly evolve the series for Wii U,” said Miyamoto. “In addition to that, we have ideas for Nintendo 3DS which we have not announced yet, so I hope you will look forward to them.”

So far, no more details have been revealed about this mystery new entry into the Zelda series but it seems like there is something new and exciting on the horizon.

Fans are also left desperately awaiting the rumored Majora’s Mask remake that Nintendo producer Eiji Aonuma has been teasing us with for years. So far, it remains unsubstantiated as there was no mention of it during this year’s E3. It appears right now all we have to look forward to is “Hyrule Warriors” and “The Legend of Zelda Wii U.”

New Details Released About Upcoming “Legend of Zelda” Game


“The Legend of Zelda” franchise is getting another release and it finally has a name. The upcoming installment will be titled “Hyrule Warriors.”

“Hyrule Warriors” is a collaborative effort between Japanese game giants Nintendo and Tecmo Koei. It is similar to most games in the franchise in that Link must go and rescue Princess Zelda from the game’s “Big Bad,” a witch named Shia who may or may not be, but most probably is, an incarnation of Zelda herself.

But, don’t worry, there are some new and interesting features to this game that will save it from feeling redundant. According to a translation from Famitsu magazine, rather than rescuing the princess through traditional puzzles and problem-solving courtesy of Link, our hero must fight his way to the princess alongside Captain Impa, who is finally a playable character, and the Hyrulian Royal Army.

Right now we have almost NO idea where in the zigzagging chronological timeline that “Hyrule Warriors” falls.

Hyrule Warriors is set for release exclusively on Wii U in Japan on Aug. 14, and worldwide later this year.

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap Coming to Wii U Virtual Console


Nintendo has announced that they are bringing “The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap” to the Wii U Virtual Console. One of the highest rated Zelda games, it was initially released on Game Boy Advance and was developed by Capcom’s Flagship Team.

Currently there is no release date confirmed for the virtual console but it should be announced soon.

“The Minish Cap” is the third Zelda game that involves the legend of the Four Sword, expanding on the story of “Four Swords” and “Four Swords Adventures.” In the game a magical talking cap named Ezlo can shrink Link to the size of the Picori, a thumb-sized race that live in Hyrule. The game retains some common themes of previous Zelda installments, such as the presence of Gorons, while introducing Kinstones and other new gameplay features.

The game was named the 20th best Game Boy Advance game in an IGN feature, and was selected as the 2005 Game Boy Advance Game of the Year by GameSpot.

Mario and Zelda Creator Teases “New Franchise” For 2014

MiyamotoDSShigeru Miuamoto has always been one of my favorite games designers and chances are you respect him as much as I do, unless you hate the Mario and Legend of Zelda franchises. If that is the case, YOU ARE OBVIOUSLY NOT SANE. Who doesn’t love at least one game from those franchises? Okay, that is a little harsh, though maybe you will change your mind with something new. The legendary game creator recently teased fans regarding a new franchise for 2014 (this could be his change to win you over!) However, he has yet to announce what this means and when we can expect answers.

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