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New Details Released About Upcoming “Legend of Zelda” Game


“The Legend of Zelda” franchise is getting another release and it finally has a name. The upcoming installment will be titled “Hyrule Warriors.”

“Hyrule Warriors” is a collaborative effort between Japanese game giants Nintendo and Tecmo Koei. It is similar to most games in the franchise in that Link must go and rescue Princess Zelda from the game’s “Big Bad,” a witch named Shia who may or may not be, but most probably is, an incarnation of Zelda herself.

But, don’t worry, there are some new and interesting features to this game that will save it from feeling redundant. According to a translation from Famitsu magazine, rather than rescuing the princess through traditional puzzles and problem-solving courtesy of Link, our hero must fight his way to the princess alongside Captain Impa, who is finally a playable character, and the Hyrulian Royal Army.

Right now we have almost NO idea where in the zigzagging chronological timeline that “Hyrule Warriors” falls.

Hyrule Warriors is set for release exclusively on Wii U in Japan on Aug. 14, and worldwide later this year.

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