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Travel Channel Partners with NFL Films For New Series


The Travel Channel has recently announced its new partnership with NFL Films and RIVR Media for a new series that will focus on the behind-the-scenes world of the current 2012 season of the Cleveland Browns in “NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns.”

The NFL is set to provide unencumbered and unprecedented access to the Travel Channel for the series that will see what it takes to travel an entire professional football team from city to city, game to game, during the regular season.  Every road trip requires a massive amount of coordination to haul the 150-person squad 20,000 miles a season.  From feeding six-tons of men, to clothing and housing them, to how a stadium prepares and deals with more than 70,000 rabid fans, Travel Channel’s cameras are there to capture this massive undertaking.

Viewers will also see how the Browns prepare for their games each week through the eyes of the players as well as the team management which will include the new team owner, Jimmy Haslam. Fans can also expect to learn more about the history of the team and their rivalries and overall world of the game. Episodes will focus around the weeks leading up to games played against the New York Giants, Baltimore Ravens, Dallas Cowboys, Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos and Pittsburgh Steelers.  The announcement was jointly made today by Andy Singer, General Manager, Travel Channel, and Howard Katz, Chief Operating Officer, NFL Films.

“This series is a first-of-its-kind program providing an exclusive pass to NFL fans during the season.  This is an emotionally-charged world.  Now, viewers will get a never-before-seen opportunity to see what it’s like for players to live on the road, often away from their families.  We’ll hear from the players themselves, coaches and scores of support staff in multiple cities,” said Singer.  “Working with the Emmy award-winning storytellers from NFL Films, ‘NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns’ will take viewers beyond the gridiron and inside the action that happens between games as the storied franchise attempts to return to football greatness.”

“We look forward to working with Travel Channel to bring fans a behind-the-scenes look at the logistical preparations leading into each week’s game,” said Katz.

“We are thrilled to have the opportunity to participate in such an exciting and unique endeavor,” said Browns owner Jimmy Haslam.  “This show will offer viewers a great perspective of the inner-workings of an NFL team and what it takes to support a team.  With Travel Channel working alongside NFL Films and RIVR Media, we expect that this will be first-class production.  We are excited about what this will mean to Northeast Ohio, the Browns and our fans.”

“NFL Road Tested: The Cleveland Browns” is co-produced by NFL Films and RIVR Media for Travel Channel.  For NFL Films, the executive producers are Pat Kelleher and Ross Ketover.  For RIVR Media, the executive producers are Rob Lundgren and Lori Stryer, and supervising producer is J.W. Johnson.  For Travel Channel, the executive producer is Brian Leonard.

The new series will premiere on Tuesday, December 4 at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT.

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