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The cLAN Officially Debuts Exclusively on Machinima Prime


Machinima Prime has officially debuted Reckless Tortuga‘s latest series, The cLAN last week on April 20th. The cLAN is based on the popular web series, “The Online Gamer.” It features Aaron, The Online Gamer that we all hate to love, who always rolls with a Clan and now it’s time to meet them. These four guys are united in their common goal of being the #1 Clan in the world and taking home the trophy at a tournament…. but that’s not always easy  when they have to deal with all the bullshit that happens in real life. Girlfriends, family, work, all kinds of things get in their way as they strive to keep gaming their number one priority in life.

Episode one follows Aaron who isn’t sold on the newest potential member while the clan tries to figure out how they’re going to pay for the upcoming tournament entry fees.

You can watch episode one below:

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