“Champions Bundle” DLC Announced For Halo 4

By on July 7, 2013


“Halo 4” will get three new DLC packs on August 20th. Each of the DLC packs will be available separately or in a bulk collection known as the “Champions Bundle.” According to the official announcement, the bundle purchase comes with an added bonus by way of the addition of 18 in-game items “only available for a limited time exclusively through the bundle.”

Included in the bundle will be the “Bullseye Pack,” which includes two multiplayer maps, a new game mode called “Ricochet,” and sports themed armor. The “Infinity Armor Pack” will bring new “legendary” new armors. The “Steel Skin Pack” that will effectively steampunk all of your weapons.

The “Champions Bundle” will run players 800 Microsoft Points. If bought separately, the “Bullseye Pack” will be 480 Microsoft points while the “Infinity Armor Pack” and “Steel Skin Pack” will cost 240 Microsoft points.

The DLC releases August 20th.

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