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The Legend of Zelda Movie Pitch Video Released Online


There once was a time when we thought that movies based on video games were actually a good idea. We were excited at seeing our favorite heroes and characters on the big screen. Now, after several major let down we cautiously approach each news of an adaptation with cynicism and worry. Will we get hurt again? This almost happened again back in 2007. Gamers beloved series, “The Legend of Zelda” was closer to be being made into a film than we all thought. Recently, a trailer from Imagi Studios was put online featuring a CG adaptation of Legend of Zelda.

Imagi Studios is the group behind the animated films TMNT and Astro Boy. They also apparently pitched an animated version of the film to Nintendo that was almost immediately shut down. The reason? Because the Super Mario Brothers movie was so terrible and created a sore spot among fans. Nintendo learning from their previously bad experience from the critical and financial failure of the Super Mario Brothers film  opted to not take the studio up on their offer.

Thanks to i09 we have the pitch video which you can see below.

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