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Dead Rising 3 Is Not Coming to Xbox 360

dead rising 3

News hit the web over the last few weeks that Xbox 360 players would get the upcoming game, “Dead Rising 3.” However, it was revealed this week that the rumor was indeed false and that Microsoft has no plans to launch the game on the 360.

“Reports from [Eurogamer Expo] that Dead Rising 3 will launch on Xbox 360 are false,” reads a tweet sent out by Major Nelson. “It’s an Xbox One exclusive – no plans for 360.”

“Dead Rising 3” had continually been portrayed as Xbox One exclusive since its announcement at E3. What makes this third installment different is that unlike “Dead Rising 2” and its spinoffs, the upcoming game is being published by Microsoft, not Capcom.

“Dead Rising 3” is scheduled for release on Xbox One alongside the console itself on November 22.

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