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Former BioWare, Riot Games, Ubisoft Developers Form New Studio


A new independent game studio has been formed after several game developers joined forces. The new studio is called Hinterland and is comprised of incredibly experienced video game veterans who have worked for companies such as BioWare, Riot Games, Ubisoft Montreal, Sony Santa Monica, and id Software.

Hinterland was founded by Raphael van Lierop. The developer has worked on many critically acclaimed and much-loved games such as “Far Cry 3” and “Company of Heroes.”

The studio has also announced its debut game. “The Long Dark” is a survival simulation that is set in an open world after a global “quiet” apocalypse. The studio has said that the gameplay will focus on utilizing survivor skills to stay alive. They also claim that the game will include some “morally challenging” elements in the gameplay. unfortunately, “The Long Dark” does not have a release date but is being developed for the PC.

Hinterland is located on Vancouver Island and claims they are here to create, “thought-provoking entertainment, emphasising story-rich gameplay experiences and original fictional settings conceived from the ground up to exist across multiple mediums.”

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