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Why Haven’t You Played This Yet?: Dark Souls


Some of you have heard of the game “Dark Souls.” Whispered tales so vile and spirit blackening that few can finish their tale without shuddering. Look hard enough and you may find an individual sitting alone with a glassy look in their eyes staring into the distance. Their souls crushed and reborn anew in the Darkness of Lordran.

This game is hard, harder than most if not all the games I’ve ever played. Any pride you have built up at this point should be left by the roadside. You will die and scream curses that you did not know before. Though with this comes a new pride tempered with humility. Overcoming these trials will fill you with sense of power only dampened by the next challenge.

You do not walk alone adventurer, at times you can summon another pilgrim to assist you. While playing online occasionally you will run across other players represented by creepy ass ghosts. More than a few times I’ve assaulted a friend after being spooked by their movement in some of the darker areas. These phantoms have limited health but can be invaluable in a tough spot. While at the same time you may be assaulted by another player that is in your area. Sometimes at the worst of times.

This should give you a taste.

The motto for this game should be “This is FUCKING BULLSHIT!”

“Dark Souls” is worthy of a play through if you think your made of sturdier stuff then most. A truly unique game that defines a new method of multiplayer. Responsive combat that makes you think through your next Steps. At the moment it’s only 20 dollars so empty out your change jar and get it.

If you have already beat the game or at least given it your best go, “Dark Souls 2” is currently in beta testing, so it’s about time to get ready for a truly challenging game. If you think all those kills in CoD are beast, why not test those so-called skills on a man’s game? The highly anticipated sequel revolves around a cursed character trying to find a cure for his agony. While little has been revealed of the game’s story, the game’s director has been cited as mentioning that the sequel is linked to its predecessor, but with no specifications as to how.

You can watch the trailer for “Dark Souls 2” below:

“Dark Souls 2” is set to hit shelves on March 14, 2014.

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