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Final Fantasy 12 HD for PS Vita Hinted by Square Enix


Square Enix, you know the company behind almost all the RPG’s you love, recently expressed interest in developing “Final Fantasy XII” for the Playstation Vita. During an interview with Play Magazine, Final Fantasy producer Yoshinori Kitase spoke about his reasons for wanting to re-release the critically-acclaimed JRPG for Sony’s latest handheld platform

“We’d love a Vita version of Final Fantasy 12…I am also hoping that this HD remaster will open up some great possibilities in the future.

The gaming scene has changed quite a bit from 10 years ago and today’s younger generation who grew up with smart devices now carry these devices around with them to play games whenever and wherever they want, not just when they go outside but also at home, wherever they may be in the house as well. Even when they are in the toilet!

One of the appealing things about the PS Vita is that it allows for this kind of play style. In addition to that, another advantage is that it has a wonderful LCD display that can hold up to the PS3 in terms of graphical quality.”

“Final Fantasy XII” was initially released in 2006 and is the twelfth title in the mainline Final Fantasy series and the last to be released exclusively on the PlayStation 2.

The game takes place in the fictional land of Ivalice, where the empires of Archadia and Rozarria are waging an endless war. Dalmasca, a small kingdom, is caught between the warring nations. When Dalmasca is annexed by Archadia, its princess, Ashe, creates a resistance movement. During the struggle, she meets Vaan, a young adventurer who dreams of commanding an airship. They are quickly joined by a band of allies; together, they rally against the tyranny of the Archadian Empire.

“Final Fantasy XII” received universally high review scores, and earned numerous “Game of the Year” awards in various categories from noted video game publications. Selling more than two million copies in Japan, it became the fourth best-selling PlayStation 2 game of 2006 worldwide.

Currently, Square Enix is working on a high-definition remake of Final Fantasy X and its sequel, which will be released for PlayStation 3 and PS Vita.

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