Jessica Lange Releases Children’s Book

By on October 1, 2013


Jessica Lange, notably starring in the FX series, “American Horror Story,” is making a name for herself outside of the television screen. The Oscar and Emmy winning actress has released her first children’s book called, “It’s About a Little Bird.”

“It’s About a Little Bird” is unique in that the pages are filled with pictures of her charming young granddaughters as they tell a story. The photographs were taken on her farm in the Hudson Valley. The book which was also written by Lange, is based on a true story, about a gilded birdcage in the barn that may have once belonged to John Wayne, and a beloved, clever canary that Lange snuck onto a plane — in her pocket — from Rome to New York many years ago.

“He never made a peep, and this was a bird that never stopped singing,” said Lange.

All the photos in the book were taken in black and white with her Leica M6 and then hand-tinted with color.  “I haven’t crossed over to digital,” says the actress, who has a “huge” photography collection, admires Walker Evans and Cartier-Bresson, and loves older photographic techniques.

“It’s About A Little Bird” was originally planned a handmade christmas present for her granddaughters but after a friend saw the project it was suggested she publish the story.

“It was never meant for publication, but a friend of mine saw it and said, ‘Why don’t we do this?’ “

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