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Watch Jonas Cuaron’s Short Companion Film for Gravity


The INCREDIBLE space survival drama, Gravity, has been one of the biggest films of the year as it recently passed alf-billion mark at the global box office. In the movie, there is a pivotal moment when Sandra Bullock’s character makes a distress call. The film’s co-screenwriter, Jonas Cuaron, recently made a 7-minute-long companion film “Aningaaq,” which depicts the other side of that dramatic conversation.

In the short film it was revealed that she was talking to an Inuit fisherman on a fjord in Greenland. Warner Home Video financed the short film, which will be included on Gravity’s eventual Blu-ray release.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Aningaaq” was filmed on location on a budget of about $100,000, most of which went toward the 10-person crew’s travel costs. Cuaron was able to complete it in time to meld the dialogue into Gravity’s final sound mix. The result is a seamless conversation between Aningaaq and the character, stranded 200 miles above him, the twin stories of isolated human survival “provides thematic cohesion.”

You can watch the short film below:

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