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Science Fiction Author Sues Warner Bros. for Gravity


Gravity may have been one of the best films in the last year but that doesn’t mean it is immune to controversy. Tess Gerritsen has filed suit against Warner Bros. for stealing the concept of the film.

Gerritsen is the author of a 1999 space science fiction novel also called “Gravity.” She is suing for $10 million plus damages as well as “based on the book by Tess Gerritsen” credit on the film.

There are definite notable similarities aside from the name between the novel and film. The novel features a woman trapped in space (though this time it involves a virus.) However, when the book was being developed for film 14 years ago, she wrote additional material that included scenes of satellite debris hitting the space station. Not to mention that Cuaron, the film’s director, may have one been attached to the film adaptation of Gerritsen’s novel.

Whether Gerritsen wins the suit will depend on whether a significant connection came be provided.

Watch Jonas Cuaron’s Short Companion Film for Gravity


The INCREDIBLE space survival drama, Gravity, has been one of the biggest films of the year as it recently passed alf-billion mark at the global box office. In the movie, there is a pivotal moment when Sandra Bullock’s character makes a distress call. The film’s co-screenwriter, Jonas Cuaron, recently made a 7-minute-long companion film “Aningaaq,” which depicts the other side of that dramatic conversation.

In the short film it was revealed that she was talking to an Inuit fisherman on a fjord in Greenland. Warner Home Video financed the short film, which will be included on Gravity’s eventual Blu-ray release.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, “Aningaaq” was filmed on location on a budget of about $100,000, most of which went toward the 10-person crew’s travel costs. Cuaron was able to complete it in time to meld the dialogue into Gravity’s final sound mix. The result is a seamless conversation between Aningaaq and the character, stranded 200 miles above him, the twin stories of isolated human survival “provides thematic cohesion.”

You can watch the short film below:

“Gravity” Rocks Box Office With $1.4 Million Thursday Night


The movie that I haven’t seen yet but is already giving me nightmares, Gravity, released in theaters this past Thursday where the sci-fi thriller performed well. The film earned $1.4 million in ticket sales in the U.S. The movie is expected to hit $40 million in its debut, although the studio is predicting a more modest $35 million debut. Continue reading “Gravity” Rocks Box Office With $1.4 Million Thursday Night

New Poster For “Gravity” Released


Can I just say that this film is the epitome of terror for me? It plays on all my psychological fears to the core. So much so that I actually had a nightmare about this film happening to me a few days before I even saw the first trailer.  I mean floating off into space knowing you are going to die there. Alone. Scared. FUCK THAT. Continue reading New Poster For “Gravity” Released