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Science Fiction Author Sues Warner Bros. for Gravity


Gravity may have been one of the best films in the last year but that doesn’t mean it is immune to controversy. Tess Gerritsen has filed suit against Warner Bros. for stealing the concept of the film.

Gerritsen is the author of a 1999 space science fiction novel also called “Gravity.” She is suing for $10 million plus damages as well as “based on the book by Tess Gerritsen” credit on the film.

There are definite notable similarities aside from the name between the novel and film. The novel features a woman trapped in space (though this time it involves a virus.) However, when the book was being developed for film 14 years ago, she wrote additional material that included scenes of satellite debris hitting the space station. Not to mention that Cuaron, the film’s director, may have one been attached to the film adaptation of Gerritsen’s novel.

Whether Gerritsen wins the suit will depend on whether a significant connection came be provided.

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