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Activision Wants to Resurrect Crash Bandicoot Series?


I have a fond love for the Crash Bandicoot series from Activision. “Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back” was the first game I ever played all the way through and beat (excluding Civilization for the PC). So the idea that Activision wants to bring the franchise back is very much exciting to me.

Recently, the company told Game Informer that “Activision owns Crash Bandicoot and we continue to explore ways in which we could bring the beloved series back to life.” However, Redditor user Cocobandicoot discovered all references of Crash Bandicoot were removed from and the franchise’s website was taken offline.

This could be taken to mean they are looking to update the franchise, at least we can hope right? In 2011, Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg told Kotaku that he would “love to find a way to bring him back, if we could.”

The Crash Bandicoot series was first created by Naughty Dog’s Andy Gavin and Jason Rubin for Sony. The first title in the series, Crash Bandicoot, was released as a PlayStation exclusive in 1996. To date, the franchise has seen a total of 18 releases across mobile, current-generation platforms and handhelds, such as the PS Vita and Nintendo DS.

I think I’m going to go download this game off the Playstation Network now. K’bye.

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