Fable Anniversary set for February 4, 2014

By on December 12, 2013


Anniversary editions of popular gaming franchises seem to be all the rage for developers over the last few years. I am not complaining, really, as I have gotten several game series I had wanted but this time in a spiffy anniversary case. Regardless, the Fable series is the next in line as the 1080P HDification of Lionhead’s original Fable, known as Fable Anniversary, is set to hit shelves February 4,6 and 7 in North America, Asia and Europe, respectively. The game is planned for Xbox 360.

The anniversary edition also boasts to include a “Launch Day Weapons & Outfits Pack.” The highlight in there is “a lute weapon,” because why the fuck not?

Lionhead unveiled Anniversary in June as an HD revamp of Fable and its Lost Chapters expansion. Anniversary won’t look to just improve the visuals, but also the user interface, loading times, controls, save system, and other features.


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