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Fable Anniversary Pre-Order Bonuses Announced


The “Fable Anniversary” release is less than a month away and now we know what kind of preorder bonuses we can expect according to an announcement from developer, Lionhead.

If you preorder the anniversary edition, you could get one of three special preorder DLC packs depending on where you buy the game. The three separate DLC packs each come with their own outfit and accompanying weapon, were announced.

The Peirates pack includes the Peirates outfit (named for a pirate nicknamed Pete) and the Peirates Cutlass. The Snowspire pack includes the Snowspire Guard outfit and the Jackarse (a dead fish). The Apollo’s pack includes Apollo’s outfit (Apollo being the leader of The Grey Company) and Apollo’s Crossbow. You can see what all three look like on Lionhead’s blog.

Each of these three DLC Packs will be made available through different retailers still to be announced, although Amazon customers will be among those who get Apollo’s gear. In most cases, pre-orderers will receive a code for the content by email, and those who have already pre-ordered from a participating retailer won’t have to do anything more to get their bonus.

As is often the case with these kinds of bonuses, all three pre-order packs will be made available for purchase as downloadable content later this year. No exact time or price for those releases have been announced.

“Fable Anniversary” is an HD remake of the original Fable that includes achievements, SmartGlass functionality, and The Lost Chapters DLC in addition to the improvements to the game’s visuals and audio. The game is  scheduled for release on Xbox 360 on February 4 in the United States, February 6 in Australia, and February 7 in Europe.

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