First Official Trailer for Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem

By on January 28, 2014



Mere words cannot express the amount of love and sexual attractive I feel towards Christoph Waltz. Which means my excitement for Terry Gilliam’s The Zero Theorem is literally of the charts (even despite Waltz being hairless in this film). Now, a new trailer has officially been released!

The film stars Waltz as sad sack Qohen Leth. A self-described “worker bee” at a shady mega corporation, Leth’s  deteriorating health gets him assigned to a top-secret project known for burning out those who work on it.

The trailer for The Zero Theorem, we get a look of not only the brightly colored and ultimately oppressive future, we also get to see what we can expect out of Waltz.

Unfortunately, there’s still no word on a U.S. release date or distributor. You can watch the trailer below:

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