Mike Ehrmantraut Will Be In “Better Call Saul”

By on January 28, 2014

Jonathan Banks has officially been confirmed to reprising his role as Mike Ehrmantraut in the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul.”

Currently, Banks is appearing on NBC’s “Community” as Professor Buzz Hickey. He will join Bob Odenkirk as the titular role of Saul Goodman.

“Better Call Saul” is the prequel series which traces the origins of ambulance chasing lawyer by day, all around criminal fixer by night, weekends, and much of his day. According to Deadline, Banks will be a series regular on the show, which means that he will be a part of Goodman’s journey to become the man who would be Walter White’s lawyer.

Conceived of by Breaking Bad creator Vince Gilligan and writer-producer Peter Gould, Better Call Saul is set to premiere on AMC in November.

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