Netflix Offers $6.99 Streaming Plan

By on January 2, 2014



The god of streaming also known as Netflix has begun offering some new customers a $6.99 per month streaming plan. Yes, that is only one dollar cheaper than the current streaming-only plan but it also has drawbacks!

For $6.99 you will only get standard definition. You will also only be able to stream content on one device at a time. Currently, Netflix’s regular plan allows two concurrent streams, with an $11.99 “family plan” supporting up to four simultaneous streams.

In a statement to The Verge, Netflix has confirmed that the single-stream $6.99 offer is only being offered to a small group of people.

“Not everyone will see this and we may never offer it generally,” said a company spokesperson. “Whether we offer any of these tiers generally will depend on the results of the tests. We always look to offer services that make our members happier as measured by how much they use Netflix.”

Netflix says a $9.99-per-month price point that allows streaming on three devices simultaneously is also in testing with some users.


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