Aaron Paul May Join Better Call Saul

By on March 1, 2014


According to a report from AP News, Aaron Paul is in “serious talks” to reprise his role as Jesse Pinkman in the “Breaking Bad” spinoff, “Better Call Saul.”

If he appears in the show, fans would see him as the low-level drug dealer we first met in the first season of BB before Walter White happened.

“Anything Vince is involved with, I’m there,” Paul said in a recent Need for Speed interview. “I owe him my entire career. And the idea of jumping into the skin of Jesse Pinkman again in his lighter days — because it’s all a prequel — it would be fun.”

At the moment it is still uncertain whether Bryan Cranston will reprise his role as Mr. White. Though we do know that Dean Norris, White’s DEA agent brother-in-law, will not return. He is currently appearing in “Under The Dome” on CBS.

Currently it’s uncertain if Cranston will also make an appearance. However, one Breaking vet that won’t be coming back is Dean Norris, who played White’s DEA agent brother-in-law Hank Schrader. He’s still committed to Under the Dome, which will begin airing its second season this summer on CBS.

“I don’t think they’ll let me do a little cable show,” Norris said in an interview this week. “I think that experience was that experience. I’m not a big fan of kind of revisiting something that has already been done. But I think it’s going to be awesome. So I can’t wait to see it.”

Vince Gilligan is working on “Better Call Saul” as we speak. Personally, I hope Mike Ehrmanntraut makes an appearance.

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