Atlus: Demon’s Souls 2 “100%” Not Happening

By on March 9, 2014



Game publisher Atlus has officially shot down the rumors that a sequel to “Demon’s Souls” was in the works. In response to a comment on the PlayStation Blog about Demon’s Souls 2, Atlus PR Manager John Hardin stated, “[I] can 100% confirm there will NOT be a Demon Souls 2.”

The game has since become a cult classic since its release on PlayStation 3 in 2009 due in part to its punishing difficulty. While fans might never get the direct sequel they want, at least they can always return to the original.

“Demon’s Souls” received a spiritual successor from its developer, From Software, in the form of “Dark Souls.” That game is now getting a sequel, “Dark Souls II,” which is due out in a few days for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. 

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