Kevin Spacey to Appear In Call of Duty 2014

By on May 1, 2014


Kevin Spacey, the man who narrates my dreams, will be providing his voice to Sledgehammer Games’ upcoming Call of Duty game, according to a new teaser posted on the series’ official Instagram account.

A new teaser has been released that features a close up Spacey’s eye that is downright chilling and unsettling. He spooks my soul like no one else. It is suggested that Spacey will be playing the villain in the next installment.

A new screenshot from Call of Duty 2014 was revealed earlier today, which displayed multiple military soldiers fitted in exoskeleton armor suits. The official YouTube page for Call of Duty also posted a new video, focusing on private military contractors. The short film concludes with: “What happens if [PMCs] stop taking orders and start taking over?”

You can see the teaser below!

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