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Tarantino Wants “Django Unchained” TV Mini-Series


If the ending of Django Unchained didn’t leave you wanting more, then you probably won’t like this report. The director and writer of the film, Quentin Tarantino, wants to create a mini series based on the film.

Tarantino told the audiance at this year’s Cannes Film Festival that he is considering a four-hour mini-series with material from the film that hasn’t been seen.

“I have about 90 minutes worth of material with Django,” Tarantino said. “It hasn’t been seen. My idea, frankly, is to cut together a four-hour version of Django Unchained.

But I wouldn’t show it like a four hour movie. I would cut it up into hour chapters. Like a four-part mini-series. And show it on cable television. Show it like an hour at a time, each chapter.

We’d use all the material I have and it wouldn’t be an endurance test. It would be a mini-series. And people love those. The movie concept would be too much.

People roll their eyes at a four-hour movie. But a four-hour mini-series that they like, then they are dying to watch all four parts. That’s how I thought it could work.”

Django Unchained was released in theaters in 2012. The film is highly stylized variation of the spaghetti Western which takes place in the Old West, but primarily taking place in America’s pre-Civil War South. The film stars Jamie FoxxChristoph WaltzLeonardo DiCaprioKerry Washington, and Samuel L. Jackson.

The film follows an African-American slave (Foxx), and an English-speaking, German bounty hunter posing as a traveling dentist (Waltz), named Dr. Schultz. In exchange for helping Schultz collect a large bounty on three outlaws (hiding-in-plain-sight in the south, working in the slave trade) that he has never seen – but Django has, while being trafficked – Schultz buys and then promises to free Django after they catch the outlaws the following spring. Schultz also promises to teach Django bounty hunting, and split the bounties with him, if Django assists him in hunting down other outlaws throughout the winter. Django agrees – on the condition that they also locate and free his long-lost wife (Washington) from her cruel plantation owner (DiCaprio).

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